Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Somewhat Dressed Up Down Vest

[Vest] Aquascutum [Sweater] Scotch & Soda [Shirt] Dsquared2 [Jeans] LTB
 [Shoes] Zara [Bag] Dappertime 

I’ve been wearing a lot less tailoring lately. Mainly because these last few weeks have been so hectic that wearing a suit just wasn’t practical. With that being said, I still feel more comfortable in a tie. I’ve become so used to wearing a tie that if it’s missing I almost feel naked. I’ve been trying my best to incorpate a tie into looks that are far from formal and to be honest it’s a lot of fun. Like this look for example. Nothing about a down vest and jeans would make you think tie but with a button down and v-neck sweater the whole look kind of works (at least I think so). With spring here, days are sometimes too warm for a jacket so a down vest could be the perfect piece to wear. Next time you pull yours out try to be a little creative and pair it with a tie or even over a blazer for an even less casual approach. Thanks for reading!

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Justin Targia

Friday, May 20, 2016

Patterned Blazers [Basic Styling Tips]

[Blazer] Berna Italia [Sweater] DKNY [Jeans] H&M [Shirt] BD Baggies [Shoes] Doucals

Patterns are great. Wait, let me rephrase that. Patterns are great in moderation. With solids you can never really mess up but when it comes to patterns it’s a whole new ball game. If you want to start experimenting with patterned blazers and suits then there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First of all, the environment. Are crazy patterns office appropriate? Probably not. What about on a first date? I’d also say no. But if you’re out with friends or doing your own thing on a day off then go for it. Second thing to think about is the loudness of the print. If the print is screaming look at me then you need to be comfortable with the attention that you’ll receive. If you’re a bit shy or just not in the mood for all eyes to be on you then stay away from loud and colorful blazers and suits. Lastly and most difficult is styling the piece. I say difficult because everyone seems to think that it take a brain surgeon to wear patterns but I have the easy solution. Just don’t wear 2 patterns. Yep, that’s right, stick to one pattern and its foolproof. So if you’ve got a patterned blazer then just style it with other solid pieces. If you’re into pattern mixing then you do you, but i’d rather not look like im peacocking around. I’ll save that for Pitti Uomo. Thanks for reading.

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Justin Targia

Monday, May 16, 2016

Canali S/S 2016 [Brand Introduction]

Canali, a brand representing Italian style at it's best is widely known among menswear enthusiasts, but if you’ve 

somehow missed the memo that Canali is must know menswear brand then I’m here to help.  Let’s start with a 

little history so you’ll better understand what all the hypes about. Founded in 1934 by Giacomo and Giovanni 

Canali, the brand focussed on creating luxurious suits in modernistic designs. It was a success and by the 1950’s 

Canali started to get some international recognition. Fast forward 20 years to the 1970’s and Canali suits were

finally made available in the USA and UK. Their status continued to grow and now they’re proud to have stores in

 prestigious cities like New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Sydney and over a 100 others. Today they continue to

 produce Made In Italy garments that are meant to last the test of time. 

As you can see statement suiting is something Canali knows how do. Color and print are always big in the 

summer and these looks certainly fit the bill. I love my statement pieces and so do the designers over at a

 Canali but lets be real, Canali does classic suiting better than anyone. If you're in need of some new business

 wear then have a look at their amazing ready to wear suit collection or if you’re really balling go for a Made To Measure Suit (Su Misura)

Minimalistic menswear is all the rage right now. I’m talking about solid colors and clean lines. Pair that with the 

sports trend and you have luxury leisurewear. Canali is killing it in this category. Take a look at some of the

 runways photos to get some inspiration on how to wear this trend. 

If you weren’t already familiar with Canali then you definitely are now. You can shop all the outfits and see much 

more on the Canali website or visit one of the many stores worldwide to experience luxury at it’s finest. 

Justin Targia

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Canali. All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Back At It Again With The White Adidas

[Suit & Shirt] Zara [Tie] Drakes [Sunglasses] Trussardi [Sneakers] Adidas

Remember last week on my running shoe style post I said that if you want to wear white sneakers then they better be a pair a Adidas Originals or Stan Smith’s (YSL And Nike also have some great pairs). Well here I am showing you one way to pull off the white sneaker and suit look this spring and summer. It’s actually quite easy because white sneakers go with just about anything but if you want to wear it with a blue suit then this is my favorite way to do it. A light blue shirt and a dark blue tie is really all you need to dress down your navy suit on the weekend. For a little bit of a more relaxed look go for a printed suit such as mine instead of your usual business version. Wear a double breasted for extra style points and finish off with a few accessories. You've probably already seen looks similar to this but if you haven't then i'd love to know if it's something you'd wear. Thanks for reading.

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Justin Targia