Monday, January 16, 2017

Dark Winter Shades

[Blazer] New England 83 [Pants] Baldessarini [Shirt] Zara [Tie] H&M [Shoes] Clae

I remember when I first started blogging I wrote about wearing bright colors on dark winter days to add a little sunshine and happiness to the world. My stance on this has changed a bit in the last 2 years. I love white and cream especially when worn in the snow but darker colors are meant for winter and there is no use trying to change that. I’ve been wearing black, navy and dark grays much more this winter than in the previous ones and I have realized that they aren’t boring colors at all. In fact because of pattern mixing and endless shades you can have tons of fun with these darker shades. This blazer or any boldly checked blazer is a great piece to have in rotation. It easily works with dark shirts and sweaters and can be a great transitional piece in the spring because of it’s heavy weight. 

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Justin Targia 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

F For Foulard [Wednesday Menswear Terms]

foulard (n) - a thin, soft material of silk or silk and cotton, typically having a printed pattern 

A foulard is basically a thin silk printed scarf. It’s a form of neckwear that is used to replace a tie or bow tie. I find that they tend to look best tied loosely around ones neck and tucked under a button up shirt. They are often worn casually and are perfect for the hotter summer months when a necktie would just feel too tight. Foulards can of course be incorporated into winter outfits as well but you must layer properly and make sure that the silk is tied tightly around your neck to keep out any wind. How to tie a foulard is a very common question but I think that any simple knot will do. There are no written rules about this and you should do what you think looks best. Pieces like these can be very easily be found at vintage stores and used to add a bit of creativity or color to your outfit. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Herringbone Statement Coat

[Turtleneck] The Kooples [Coat & Pants] Zara [Shoes] G.H. Bass [Sunglasses] Suitsupply 

This winter I’ve been all about coats. Before I used them to compliment my outfits but now I’m wearing it as my statement piece. I chose to keep everything very simple in this look with white pants and a black turtleneck but then the addition of this beautiful double breasted overcoat made it much more than average. The coat might not be a loud color or print but the fit and texture is enough to really make it stand out. Of course a few key accessories and my favorite camo lace ups pulled everything together creating a look someone in between street style and a more dapper look. Hope you guys like it and thanks for stopping by.

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Justin Targia

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

E For English Cutaway Collar [Wednesday Menswear Terms]

english cutaway collar (n) - a dress shirt with collar points ending 6 or more inches apart

An English cutaway collar, sometimes simply called a cutaway collar is one of the collar choices that makes the biggest statement. It’s made for those who love to show off their neckwear and looks best on a skinnier face. It should normally be worn with a suit and tie and tends to look sloppy when left unbuttoned. The beauty of this collar is that because of its wide spread it reveals the entirety of your tie knot. I personally always choose a smaller knot when wearing an english spread collar but typically they are meant to be worn with a larger windsor knot. Keep in mind that this might not be the best choice if working in a formal office environment but it’s my favorite collar and I find it to be the most fashionable.