Friday, October 24, 2014

Brown Meets Black

[Blazer] New England 83 [Shirt] Ralph Lauren [Jeans] Nudie Jeans [Shoes] Hugo Boss [Document Holder] Zara [Sunglasses] Emporio Armani

There’s an old rule that says you should never wear brown and black together in the same outfit. My look today is proof that you absolutely can. I wore a brown tartan blazer with black jeans and all black accessories. It’s not the most classic of looks but it certainly works well together. This wool blazer is extremely thick and kept me warm all through the day. I think the textures from heavier fabrics such as wool and tweed really look great in the colder months. It’s important to play around with colors but if you really want to step up your game then start incorporating different textured fabrics into your looks. It sounds basic and quite honestly it is, but it will make a difference. I hope you enjoyed my look and have a great weekend.

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