Monday, October 20, 2014

Paisley On Denim

[Shirt] Diesel Black Gold [Blazer] Zara [Trousers] Baldessarini [Tie] Profuomo 
[Shoes] Tiger of Sweden [Sunglasses] Karl Lagerfeld

Autumn is a great time of the year, with it comes pumpkin spice lattes and halloween treats, but it also has its disadvantages. Getting dressed in the morning can be a hassle. If you wear too much then you will be sweating and if you don’t layer enough then you are likely to be incredibly uncomfortable when the sun starts to set. My opinion is that it’s still too early to bring out the overcoats, so what should we do? The simplest answer is to wear heavier fabrics. I wore a denim shirt from Diesel Black Gold today. Denim is thought of as a four season fabric but the truth it's fairly thick and doesn’t breath very much. So by switching out a blue dress shirt for a denim shirt you will definitely stay warm. Sure its not suitable for a business setting but I’m certain many of you will find this little tip helpful. What are your tricks to stay warm in the fall months? 

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  1. Great look!