Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sweater Styles

With colder weather approaching, many of us are forced to take our sweaters and knits out of storage. I’ve put together four sweater looks, each showcasing a different sweater style. These styles are in my opinion the must haves for this autumn and winter. 

[Turtle Neck] Costume National [Crew Neck] Marni [V-Neck] B.D.Baggies [Cable Knit] Tommy Hilfiger

The Turtle Neck- This style has made a huge comeback in the past few years. It can effortlessly be worn alone but I’m a big fan of wearing it with a suit. When doing this it's best to tuck in the sweater which will create a very sleek transition to your trousers. If you're feeling confident, try layering it over a traditional button up shirt. To style this make a bit of the shirt collar stick stick out from the sweater. It can really make a statement if done properly. 

The Crew Neck- This is the most classic of all sweater styles. It has unlimited styling options. In my opinion sticking too basic navy, grey and black crew neck sweaters is the best route to take when building your collection. They will all fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. Keep in mind that when wearing a crew neck sweater with a tie, it's important to have a great knot because that will be the only part of the tie showing.

The V-Neck Sweater- It's best worn over a button up shirt and an added tie always smartens the look up a bit. This sweater style comes in an array of fabrics. The one in the photo above is a thick wool sweater so it’s warm enough to be the outer layer on a fall day. However cashmere and cotton v-necks are great to be layered under a blazer or suit. My tip: Don't be the guy showing off his chest with a low cut V-neck. Stay classy and layer up!

The Cable Knit Sweater- Cable knit referes to the texture created during the knitting process. When tightly knitted this makes for an incredibly warm sweater. I suggest sticking to wool for maximum warmth but they are also found in synthetic materials such as acrylic or polyamide. They can be found in the most basic of colors or as pictured above in more playful patterned versions as well. This style is great for casual wear and for those colder days can be layered under a parka or wool overcoat.

What's your favorite sweater style?

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