Sunday, November 30, 2014

JT & Co's Scarf Collection and Kickstarter Campaign

Unfortunately winter temperatures are here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out from the crowd with stylish clothing. There are a few things you can do to make even the simplest of outfits look great, while at the same time adding warmth. My personal favorite is by wearing a scarf. Incorporating a scarf into your look is self explanatory but it’s important to know that not all scarves are created equal. More often than not you will purchase a scarf only to soon be disappointed by the poor quality. 

JT & Co, an upcoming Canadian based brand specializing in luxury mens and women's scarves, have taken this into consideration and have worked hard to design the best products possible. They are producing grade A cashmere as well as beautiful hand dyed rayon scarves.

Their cashmere has a lifetime guarantee that is proven to get better with age. It’s light weight and wrinkle free making it stand out from what you can find in your local department stores. They will be retailing their camel and cream colored cashmere scarves for $249 a piece. Quality cashmere comes at a price but speaking from experience it’s definitely worth it.

Their rayon is equally as impressive. It’s extremely durable and easy to care for, but that doesn’t take away from it's soft texture. They will be available in four ultra stylish and unisex colors and will retail for $29 a piece.

As with any start-up brand, funding is always an issue. In order for JT & Co to offer the best products possible at  reasonable prices they need your help. They are launching a Kickstarter page to help fund their campaign. I ask you to please support this campaign at whatever level you can. They’ll be ever so grateful and be sure to pay you back with one of their beautiful scarves.

To sum it up menswear is all about the little things and there is no better way to show you care about your appearance and add individuality to an outfit than by wearing a scarf. When they officially launch their campaign you should definitely head over to JT & Co’s Kickstarter page and see what they’re offering. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with JT & Co. The opinions expressed are 
mine alone and are not influenced in any way. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Never Say No To Camo

[Suit Jacket] Hugo Boss [Shirt] The Kooples [Trousers] Zara [Scarf] Jack Spade [Shoes] Boemos 
[Sunglasses] Marc Jacobs [Pocket Square] Bottega Veneta 

Happy Black Friday! I think for most people the idea of wishing a Happy Black Friday is thought of as idiotic, however, this is a style blog so I’m sure a majority of my readers are enjoying the discounts and picking up some great new clothing items. My Black Friday outfit unfortunately has no black in it, so lets call it my camo friday outfit. As you can see the focal point of todays look are these camo printed trousers. They are surprisingly versatile. You can wear them with just about any color blazer that you have or take a more casual approach and pair them with a simple T-shirt and black leather leather jacket. We all know that camo has been trending for the past few seasons and it will be here for many more, so investing in a pair of trousers or chinos in this print is definitely worth it. I wore mine semi-casually with a blue dress shirt and beige suit jacket. As you can see I left my tie at home and completed my look with a scarf. I almost never think a look is completed without some kind of neckwear, so a scarf is a great option if you're not in a tie kind of mood. Enjoy your weekend of shopping. With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday I'm sure you'll all find something.

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Justin Targia 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

An Untraditional Take On The Traditional Mac Coat

[Coat] Neill Katter [Blazer] Scotch & Soda [Shirt] Gant [Trousers] Zara [Tie] Altea Milano [Shoes] G.H. Bass & Co. [Sunglasses] Dior [Briefcase] Bottega Veneta

Today was an unusually sunny day for northern Germany. You can see from the lighting in the first photo that the sun was so strong, making photo taking a bit of a hassle. I woke up this morning happy to see the sun shining through my bedroom window but I knew that it didn’t necessarily mean warmth. If there is one thing that I have learned in the last few years while living in Hamburg, it’s that cold wind is always here. It doesn’t matter if the sun is out or not. So I knew layering was a must. I wore a thick burgundy wool blazer layered over a lavender oxford shirt. Lavender and burgundy are two strong colors, so sometimes pairing them together can be difficult. To help the two match I added a blue tie. By doing this it creates a layer in between the shirt and blazer making them coordinate perfectly. I finished the look with white trousers and a fun tartan mac coat from Neill Katter. If you missed my previous look featuring Neil Katter you can view it here Casual Friday in Camo. Hope you enjoy

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Dress Up Your Phone With Anyshapes

[Phone Case] Anyshapes [Leather Jacket] Edun [T-Shirt] Rag & Bone [Trousers] Baldessarini 


As we all know technology is no longer a privilege but a necessity and no piece of technology is more important than our smart phones. With such an important device you would think that we would be more careful, but lets be honest, we all drop our phones and probably a lot more than we’re willing to admit. To prevent damage to your phone you should accessorize it with a phone case or shell. Anyshapes is a phone case brand that is different from all the others. You can not only customize your case by choosing from a huge selection of designs and colors but you can also add your name or any other word that your heart desires. Plus they do it all in 3D fonts. By going to you can create your own design using their software or choose one of their designs. I chose a case from their fashion rivet series. It is a little more edgy and matches my leather biker jacket perfectly. These cases create great gifts and with the holidays approaching I suggest heading over to their website and checking out what they have to offer. Happy Friday

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Disclosure: Items were gifted to me courtesy of Anyshapes. All opinions expressed 
are my own and are not influenced in any way. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Check On Check

[Shirt] Club Monaco [Tie] Olymp [Pocket Square] Tiger Of Sweden [Shoes] G.H. Bass & Co.


Here on Mimosas And Me I have already written about the essential suits that men should have in their wardrobe. They include a dark grey suit, a navy blue suit and possibly a Prince of Wales pattern as a third option. Once you have these two or three suits then you can start to have a little more fun. Think of making a statement with a bold pinstripe or adding color with burgundy fabric or even a heavy textured suit like corduroy. Those are all great options along with a window pane pattered suit such as the one I’m wearing here. By simply adding a little pattern it will scream "I care about the details" and we all know that the details are what matter the most. I wore this suit with a pink gingham printed shirt and a striped tie. Yes it’s three patterns and a fourth if you incude the pocket square but it all works together. I think most men stress too much about mixing patterns but honestly a lot more things match than you think, so don’t worry about it too much. Just remember that adding more patterns will make your outfit more casual, so for a business setting I suggest sticking to a maximum of two patterns. Enjoy!

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Step Up Your Neckwear Game

[Tie] Bows-N-Ties [Blazer] Sisley [Coat] Topman [Shirt] Patrizia Pepe [Jeans] Frankie Morell[Bag] Zara 
[Shoes] Dr Martens [Glasses] Tods


There are not many items of clothing more masculine than the necktie. Sure there are some woman that wear ties but for the most part they are worn daily by men. Whether being worn for business or play, ties always show confidence and importance. Plus there's the added bonus that the man in the suit and tie will always get the woman. So sometimes I wonder why so many men choose to ignore all the positives that neckwear can bring and wear a t-shirt or hoody instead. A walk in my cities largest department store gave me the answer. All I saw were standard solid colored and striped ties that in all honestly were very unattractive. But it’s 2014 and we have many more options than department stores. Bows-N-Ties is an online neckwear and accessories shop that offers high quality modern pieces in an array of designs, prints and textures. The specific tie that I’m wearing here is the dark orange glen check tie from their autumn collection. You can shop it and the rest of their ties on 

As you can see this outfit consists of very basic colors (blue, white, grey and camel). Then I added a dusty orange tie bringing color and texture to the outfit, creating something that’s conservative but fun and stylish at the same time. Menswear is all about the small details such as pocket squares, ties, scarfs, tie bars and cufflinks. These are all little items that can drastically change an outfit for the better and Bows-N-Ties has them all. I hope you enjoy this outfit and all have a great week.

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Justin Targia

Disclosure: Items were gifted to me courtesy of Bow N Ties. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

One Coffee Black And One With Cream

[Sports Coat] Diesel Black Gold [Sweater] Brunello Cucinelli [Trousers] H&M [Scarf] Burberry [Shoes] Florsheim [Watch] Sekonda [Sunglasses] Emporio Armani 


Houndstooth, cable knit, cashmere, suede: How many patterns and fabrics can you count? This casual friday outfit was all about experimenting with texture. I left the ties at home and decided on wearing a simple cream colored cable knit sweater. I paired it with somewhat high waisted hounds tooth trousers, but that created a problem. My torso looked extremely short. To solve this problem I wore a little bit of a longer sports coat than I normally do and I also matched my shoe and sock color with my jacket. By doing so it brings the eyes from the top to bottom creating height. I also added length by draping a scarf around my neck and letting it hang lower than my waist. #TricksOfTheTrade What are your tricks? It was a busy friday so I wanted to wear something that wasn’t too heavy and allowed me to move very easily but with the weather getting colder and colder by the day you can expect some major layering to appear soon. Also I picked up four pieces from the Alexander Wang x H&M collection today so they should also be featured in the near future. Hope you all have a great weekend

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Autumn Giveaway With Bottega Veneta

As a thank you to our readers the Mimosas And Me team will be holding an Instagram giveaway with four mens essential autumn and winter accessories from Bottega Veneta.

What is being given away?
  1. 100% silk dark green pocket square with white dots ($150)
  2. 100% cashmere dark blue check scarf ($540)
  3. Black self-tie bow tie with white dots ($180)
  4. Dark green necktie with white dots ($200)
All items are new and with tags and were purchased by the Mimosas And Me team for this giveaway.

How do I enter?
To enter you must follow @mimosasandme on Instagram 
And repost my giveaway image with the hashtag #mimosasgiveaway

Who can enter the competition?
Males and females over the age of 13 can enter
The giveaway is open internationally

How will the winner be chosen?
The winner will be chosen at random using an online randomizer.

Contest Deadlines
The contest will be open from November 5th to November 25th
The winner will be contacted and the items will be shipped

Best of Luck

Mimosas And Me 
Justin Targia

Disclaimer: If fewer than 50 entries the giveaway will be canceled

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Wardrobe Workhorse

[Suit] Ben Sherman [Shirt] Club Monaco [Tie] Altea Milano [Bag] Bottega Veneta 
[Sunglasses] Marc Jacob [Shoes] Loake 

A well tailored single breasted grey suit is definitely one of the work horses of your wardrobe. Having this suit along with a navy blue one will give you unlimited styling options. Wear it for a drink out with friends, to a job interview and even a wedding. Today I went somewhere in between business and business casual. This outfit is serious enough to wear to the office and at the same time has a few trendy elements thrown in with it. I wanted to wear a tie but also create somewhat of a relaxed outfit. To do that I kept the collar buttons of the shirt unfastened, wore a wallet chain and opted for no socks. I finished this look with possibly my favorite bag of all time. This Bottega Veneta briefcase is the perfect accessory to any suit. I hope you enjoy this outfit. In the upcoming weeks I will show you a warmer and more relaxed way to wear this exact same suit and don’t forget that my giveaway featuring Bottega Veneta is coming later this week. 

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