Friday, December 19, 2014

Festive Attire

[Shirt] Burberry [Cardigan] Club Monaco [Trousers] Gant [Bag] Brics Milano [Glasses] Tods


There comes a time every year when we meet our family or friends to sit down and enjoy a holiday meal together. There will most certainly be those family members who try to bring a little fun to the dinner party by wearing illuminated sweaters or the very common reindeer horn head piece. Sure it may be cute but in all honestly it doesn’t look good. As style conscious men we want to look well put together but at the same time not seem too uptight. My outfit here is an example of a perfect Christmas outfit. It has all the colors that are associated with Christmas but doesn’t seem too tacky or costume like. By switching out a blazer for a more comfortable cardigan it gives a very welcoming and homey feeling. I know the holidays can be stressful, especially when you are hosting a party. I think it’s important to try to eliminate some of that stress by caring for yourself. Wear something that makes you happy and be comfortable. Whether that be something similar to my outfit, a more formal suit or even that shiny reindeer sweater. The holidays are about relaxing and being happy so take a moment to enjoy it. 

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