Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Traveling In Style

[Blazer] Neill Katter [Shirt] Scotch & Soda [Tie] Levi's [Trousers] Moschino 
[Shoes] Tiger of Sweden [Luggage] Brics Milano 

So your heading home for the holidays or maybe taking a trip out of the city for a week. Don’t be one of those people running through the airport in sweats and a T. The clothing you wear at the airport and in the airplane is just as important as the clothing you pack in your suitcase. My outfit may not seem very festive but it's my first of three holiday inspired outfits that will be featured on my blog. For this one I wore a distressed grey blazer. Think of it as a conversation piece, similar to that ugly christmas sweater that we all have. This blazer also fits perfectly with the hobo chic trend going on. My tie  brings a little color and holiday cheerfulness to the outfit but also is conservative enough for your offices annual Christmas party. I finished by wearing double monk strap shoes. They are perfect to wear when traveling because they can very easily be slipped on and off when going through airport security. The luggage you bring is equally important. Why put effort into your clothing if you’re lugging around a cheap luggage set from a department store. Invest in high quality luggage such as the one I’m using from Brics. Brics has amazing quality products in a wide range of styles. They have hard cased luggage large enough for a one month trip as well as small weekend bags made from the highest quality of soft leather. I hope you have fun this holiday season!

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Justin Targia 


  1. interesting argument...I only ever traveled by plane in my flight attendant uniform, but why shouldn't we be stylish while we travel? is getting dressed up a little really so tiresome to some? I feel perfectly comfortable in a suit...and while I would never wear a suit when I'm hiking, I don't see why I wouldn't get a little dressed up when I'm travelling.

    You look great btw!


    1. I agree 100% As Tom Ford once said "dressing well is a form of good manors".

  2. I need a distressed blazer badly. I'm always spilling hot chocolate or tea on my clothing. Grey patterns would help disguise the stains. Ha! Must look for it.

    1. Haha yes distressed clothing certainly helps hide stains