Monday, December 8, 2014

Turtles On My Neck

[Suit] Ben Sherman [Sweater] John Smedley [Shoes] Del Toro [Pocket Square] Tiger of Sweden

Turtle necks are still unfortunately thought of as a dated. They peaked in popularity in the 1950’s and 60s with middle and upperclass business men. This can easily be seen by viewing any popular sitcom from that era. They then took a turn for the worst becoming far too oversized and often being associated with something from another decade rather than being a modern essential. However they have made a huge come back in recent years. When wearing a turtleneck in current times I suggest opting for a thin and lightweight version and start layering over it. You can add a cardigan and go for the double knitwear look or throw on a casual blazer for a smart but casual look. My favorite is to wear one with a suit. It’s so effortless but still makes a stylish statement because it’s something may men are not doing. If you dare, try substituting your shirt and tie for a turtleneck sweater on one of your work days. In my opinion it’s totally safe for the work place. If you’re not really feeling the turtleneck trend, head over to this earlier post of mine where I talked about a few other sweater styles that we should all be sporting this winter. Stay warm and stay dapper.

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Justin Targia 

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