Friday, July 10, 2015

Sweet Summer Days

[Blazer] Sottotono Uomo [Shirt] Club Monaco [Trousers] Maison Martin Margiela 
[Shoes] Doucals [Sunglasses] Giorgio Armani

Happy Friday everyone. I’ve been busy lately preparing for a couple of collaborations that will be coming soon. Some can be seen here on the blog and others will be exclusive to my Instagram so make sure to check that out. We've had a few of hot days here in Hamburg so I stayed casual and wore light weight fabrics. This outfit is perfect for the summer. You may look at it and think that a t-shirt and pair of shorts would be better for a day pushing almost 100 degrees but believe it to not I didn’t sweat at all and was quite comfortable all day long. Of course a t-shirt can be worn and is aways a good option to keep cool but wearing light weight cotton and linen can keep you just as cool. Try going tieless and leaving a few buttons opens on your shirt to create that effortless look. My biggest tip is to not over accessorize. The more you wear the hotter you will be. It can even help if you simply leave your belt or watch at home. Just a few beads on your wrists is enough. Enjoy and stay cool. 

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Justin Targia

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  1. Great outfit ! I love it!
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