Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Man In Dots

[Blazer] Neill Katter [Shirt] Karl Lagerfeld [Trousers] Ben Sherman [Tie] Drakes
[Pocket Square] Ermenegildo Zegna [Sunglasses] Trussardi

It was a bright and sunny morning. I woke up, showered, picked out my outfit and headed out the door. I couldn’t have been walking for more then 2 minutes when an older woman stopped and said ‘That’s such an interesting blazer you’re wearing.” I smiled, said thank you and continued on my way. Minutes later I was stopped again and you can guess that the comments, smiles and in some causes laughter continued throughout the day. I knew this wasn’t your typical blue blazer but I didn’t expect it to receive as much attention as it did. It got me thinking that I’ve lost touch with reality. What is considered a normal garment to me was thought of as comical or haute couture to others. You have to understand that I think of clothing as not only a necessity but also a fun and interesting way to present myself. That’s why when I’m looking for new standout piece I go to Neill Katter first. Their designs are heavily influenced by classic Italian tailoring but made from the brightest and boldest fabrics available. Check them out before you start any of your F/W shopping.

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Justin Targia 


  1. Not ashamed to say that I would wear your jacket myself...maybe in a different colour, but I would definitely wear it. Looks brilliant on you :)

  2. nice post! ;-) That jacket is looking so nice. Cool style man
    New Look on

    Greets Jon

  3. I love polka dots! Great to see them in a menswear look!

    Bella Pummarola

  4. Cool blazer.