Monday, November 30, 2015

University Style [The Camo Suit]

[Sweater] John Smedley [Shirt] Dsquared [Shoes] Massimo Dutti

This camo suit got plenty of wear last winter and now it’s back in rotation once again. This time instead of wearing it with a shirt and tie I went for more of a ‘university’ look by wearing it over a cable knit sweater and denim shirt. I normally don’t like wearing a suit with a basic crew neck sweater because it’s far too simple and can show a lack of personal style. However; with a printed suit it’s not difficult to see that thought was put into the outfit. I chose to not accessorize much and rather let the suit speak for itself. All I’m wearing is a leather bracelet and round glasses to go with the university theme. I also added a couple of books because… well, there is no real reason. Let’s just say it was an original idea that may or may not turn into a trend (most likely won’t). Anyways what are you’re thoughts on the suit? Would love to know below. Thanks as always for reading

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Justin Targia


  1. love the suit! you are master of layers

  2. Good style :)

  3. Wow, I am sold! You are so handsome and posh.