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5 Ways To Wear A Burgundy Suit [Featuring Tailor4Less]

Do You Need A Dark Red Suit?

A burgundy suit is definitely not a menswear essential. I would never tell you that your wardrobe wouldn't be complete

 without the addition of this suit. However; once you’ve got all the basics down then could be a great addition for the fall

 and winter seasons. I'll show you 5 outfits using pieces from this suit and prove to you that even though a dark red suit

 might not be an essential, it's a piece that you'll really want. My suit is a made to measure piece from Tailor4Less.

 They’re an online bespoke shop offering custom suits, blazers, shirts, coats and much more. I simply entered in all my

 measurements, chose a fabric, and fully customized my suit. A few weeks later this is what arrived. 

[Suit] Tailor4Less [Shirt] Gant [Tie] Giorgio Armani [Shoes] Zara [Sunglasses] Trussardi
The Full Three Piece Suit

As you can see I opted for a double breasted three piece suit. This suit can be broken up in so many ways but

nothing says ‘Boss’ more than wearing all three pieces together. In all honesty, this might not be the most office

 appropriate suit for the normal 9 to 5 job but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it to holiday parties and other special

 occasions. The great thing about wearing a full suit like this is that you don’t need to think too much in the morning.

 Just pair it with any shirt and you’ll be better looking that all the others that tried way harder than you. So basically

 if you're not afraid to turn some heads then the full three piece suit is definitely the way to go.

[Vest & Trousers] Tailor4Less [Turtleneck] H&M [Shoes] Massimo Dutti [Pocket Square] A. Chistensen
Vest And Trousers Casually

Wearing a matching vest and trousers is probably the best way to utilize a three piece suit. Just make sure that the vest

fits snug to your body and you’ll create a super modern look. Try wearing this casually by layering a turtleneck or crew

 neck sweater under the vest. It has a certain relaxed tailored feeling about it but if you’re not a sweater guy then a

 simple button up will look just as good.

[Suit Jacket] Tailor4Less [Shirt] Dsquared2 [Tie] Bows-N-Tie [Trousers] Moschino [Pocket Square] Bottega Venetta
Suit Jacket With Odd Trousers

Wearing a suit jacket with an odd pair of trousers is not my favorite thing to do. I wear a lot of suit separates but when

 doing this I prefer a blazer over a suit jacket. The problem I have with wearing suit jackets without the trousers are that

 they tend to appear too long. I have most of my suits made with a more traditional length jacket. It’s a more timeless

 look and you can be certain that 10 years down the road it can still be worn. My blazers are cut shorter for a more

 modern approach on menswear and are made to be worn with odd trousers. If length isn’t an issue for you then simply

 wear your suit jacket with contrasting trousers. I’m wearing blue as it looks great with a dark red jacket but color choice

 is entirely up to you.

[Trousers] Tailor4Less [Coat] Zara [Sweater] Marni [Scarf] Burberry [Bag] Milano [Sneakers] Adidas
Suit Trousers With A Sweater

Ask menswear influencers if you should wear your suit trousers without the the jacket. I guarantee a majority of them

 will say you shouldn’t. They may be correct that one piece of the suit will fade quicker if not worn with the other

 pieces, however, I think that if you got the pieces you might as well wear them. If you take care of your clothing

 properly then you shouldn’t have to worry about fading. On a casual day try wearing your suit trousers with a simple

 sweater. It doesn’t look all that much dressier than jeans but it definitely does look better. Throw on an overcoat

 and you’re ready to go. 

[Vest & Trousers] Tailor4Less [Blazer] Tommy Hilfiger [Shirt] Karl Lagerfeld [Tie] Profuomo [Glasses] Tods
Vest And Trousers Formally

Ok so we’re back to the vest and trouser combo again. Cant you see I love it? This time I went for a more formal

 approach. All you really need to dress it up is to add a shirt and blazer but I went the extra step and wore a tie as well. As

 much as I love the three suit pieces together I feel that an outfit like this is much safer and even more office appropriate

 than the first. The darker blazer tones things down a bit making the whole outfit a little less eye popping. 

I'd love to know what your favorite outfit is and thanks so much for reading!

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Justin Targia

This post was done in collaboration with Tailor4Less. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in anyway. 


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