Friday, December 11, 2015

Heavily Accessorizing The Blue Blazer

[Shirt] Burberry [Blazer] Circolo 1901 [Jeans] Nudie Jeans [Tie] Drakes [Shoes] G.H. Bass

I’ve got tons of questions about how to style a blue blazer casually. It can be done in many many ways but I thought I’d show something a bit different today. I know I’m wearing a tie but ties can be casual. Can’t they? This is probably the most casual a tie can get. Anyways, I’m wearing my blue blazer with black jeans and a white shirt. Denim is a great way to dress anything down. I also went a bit overboard on the accessories and added tons of color. Bright colors are not often worn in formal outfits so wear them with that blazer of yours to dress it down. It’s pretty simple actually. You can use the blue blazer and white shirt as a blank palette and just have fun adding different accessories and playing with colors. I also wore a beat up pair or loafers to really emphasize the casualness. How do you dress down a blazer? Thanks for reading as always!

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Justin Targia 


  1. You look amazing! Nice outfit!


  2. I like what you did with the scarf! I've seen a blogger once who dressed down her blazer by wearing a graphic tee beneath it, denims and some sneakers. It actually looked good.