Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How To Wear Color Without Actually Wearing Color

Ahh the winter. In no other time of the year will you see more black coats and blue jeans. Seriously it’s almost all I see

and it can be a bit depressing. I wanted to wear color but realized I don’t have the most colorful winter wardrobe. Sure I

may wear bright red suits and baby blue pants but that’s all in the summer. Winter for me is all about embracing blue

and grey tailoring but sometimes I need a change. So I grabbed my trusty white denim and a camel turtleneck. Is it

color? No, but it's sure more colorful than back and grey. 

Camel and white, one of the better winter color combinations if you ask me. There’s something so refreshing about the

crispness of these colors together. They are certainly not eye catching by description but for some reason when paired

together they make you pop. It’s the best way to add brightness to your outfit without going overboard with color.

There are several ways to pair them together but they all start with your best pair of white jeans. If you don’t already

have a pair then get them while the sales are still going on. 

Once you’ve got your white jeans on then tuck in a camel turtle neck or crew neck sweater. The basic elements are

there so now all you need is a blazer. Stick to something a bit darker such as navy to really make the white and camel

pop. Another great option is to wear a camel overcoat with the same jeans. This may be a bit dressier but still perfect for

lunch dates and weekend shopping. The white and camel combination will make you the coolest man in town so just

embrace it, walk boss like and be confident. Thanks for reading. 

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Justin Targia 

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  1. Perfect white and camel combination ! looks elegant !