Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jacket Over Suit [Layering Techniques]

It’s already the end of February and even though the days are getting longer, the warm weather has yet to arrive. I find

the end of winter can be the saddest time of the year. Spring collections are popping up in all the shops but it’s just to

cold to wear them. On top of that there seems to be spring related advertisements everywhere. Magazines and

TV commercials all seem to be talking about beaches and sun making these freezing temperatures that much

more depressing. And what about for us clothing lovers out there? 

[Jacker & Blazer] Zara [Pants] Moschino [Shirt] BD Baggies [Tie] Jack Spade 
[Bag] Brics Milano [Sunglasses] Trussardi [Shoes] Mango

I’m the kind of person that never wants to wear the same thing twice. Sure I’ll wear the same pieces but I always try to

style them differently or add a new little touch to make a look special. After a long winter I’m beginning to find my

wardrobe uninspiring. There’s only so many times you can wear an overcoat without getting bored. So for today’s look I

took a piece that I wouldn’t normally wear and wore it in a way which it’s not normally worn. As you can see I'm wearing

a shorter length jacket over a blazer.

 Now the jacket over suit thing is definitely not for everyone and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not my favorite choice

out there. I’d much rather stick to overcoats and actually feel more comfortable and even warmer in them but I thought

I’d try something new to mix things up a bit. The key to making the jacket look work is to find a piece that’s a statement

in itself. This sheepskin piece might be casual but it’s not your run of the mill jacket. If this is the look your going for then

try it with a darker colored jacket. Think black, grey, and navy. Also keep in mind that this combination even when paired

with a tie is meant to be worn casually. 

So what do you think about this pairing? Thanks for reading!

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Justin Targia 

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