Thursday, March 3, 2016

Suitsupply S/S 2016 Campaign Reaction

When I first saw this photo shoot I was blown away not only by the collection but also by the creative direction. Making an

original campaign can be challenging but Suitsupply did a great job putting together something that I've never seen

before. Then I head over to their Instagram page and saw hundreds of negative comments. Basically not everyone was

as impressed as I was. Let’s have a look at what a few people said and why I disagree with them. 

"This is deplorable and downright degrading to women, especially woman of color. Expected more of this brand!"

"Thank you to all of the men speaking up. We need you to stand up with your moms, grandmothers, sisters and girlfriends. #goodmen #strongmen #WomenNotObjects" 

"This ad is offensive enough for me to not buy another suit from you. Tacky and Juvenile."

"Incredibly childish campaign. Not a good way to sell your sophisticated menswear"

"These ads are terrible. Let your products do the talking" 

Those are a few of literally hundreds of negative comments out there. I'm not gonna spend all my time responding to every one but I'd like to quickly share what I think about all of this.

First of all bringing race into this is completely unnecessary. There are both white and black models and Suitsupply has a long history of diversity in their campaigns so this is really a nonissue, plus it's probably best for me to stay away from a racial debate. Anyways, what most people seem to be offended by is what they believe to be the objectification of woman. I think the most important thing to understand is the idea behind the photo shoot. Company founder Fokke de Jong stated about the campaign that "It's called toy boys depicting the men as little dolls together with giant beautiful woman that play with the men"

He went on to say about the allegations of misogyny that "sexism implies inequality, if you want to read any form of sexism in here than it has to be towards the men, they obviously do not have the upper hand here"

When I look at the photos all that I see is great menswear and some amazing photoshop skills. Like I said before I was overall impressed with the creativity and originality of this project. I never for one second even thought about racism and misogyny until I saw what others had commented. All I can say for those of you commenting is that if you want studio images with a white canvas background then maybe Suitsupply isn't for you. How about heading over to Men's Warehouse. I'm sure they can hook you up with something that's well, somewhat decent.

If you, like me, enjoyed the campaign and want to see more then visit to see all the images or watch this awesome behind the scenes video where you can see exactly how these photos can to life.

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