Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How To Style Dad Jeans Without Looking Like Your Dad

[Blazer] Sisley [Shirt] Club Monaco [Jeans] H&M [Tie] Olymp [Bag] Zara [Shoes] Massimo Dutti

Dad Jeans, you know those light wash jeans that Jerry Seinfeld was famous for wearing. They have the highest rise of any denim out there and can often be found swimming on those people who’s fashion sense is stuck in the 90’s. They are most known for being the one jean that you shouldn’t wear. I can’t argue with the fact that dad jeans are a thing of the past but a slimmer version is definitely something to consider. Because of the notoriously bad reputation that dad jeans have, the whole category of light washed denim is often forgotten about. These days everyone seems to be talking about the versatility of the dark wash. How about we start mixing things up a bit and have a look at the light wash. When worn they create a youthful and relaxed look that is often hard to achieve. Style yours just as you would any other pair of jeans. They can even be worn with a shirt, tie and cool blazer, just keep in mind that the look will always be on the casual side. If you're ready to jump on board the light wash bandwagon then remember fit is so important. A slim fit with a mid rise will definitely not look like your dad's jeans and will have others thinking that light wash denim is not something to ignore. 

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Justin Targia 

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  1. looking great and very stylish as always!