Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Letter To Kobe Bryant

Dear Kobe,

You may be just an NBA player to most, but to me you're much more. Growing up I was obsessed with the sport of basketball and one of the biggest Laker fans you could find. Day after day I looked up to you and tried to replicate every move you made on the court. Fast forward 6 years and you continue to impact my life in ways that no others have. 

Sure my basketball days are behind me and my days of practicing your infamous fadeaway are long gone but you're effect on me is much deeper than basketball. You taught me that if I put the work in, anything is possible. I know that your skills are not a gift from god but rather proof of the thousands of hours that you've been in the gym working on you're craft. You've created a name for yourself and embraced the criticism and the negativity that came with it. 

Fashion blogging is definitely different from basketball but the competition factor is still there. There are a ton of well dressed bloggers who create original content and have hopes of making it big. I don’t dream of internet fame and I use my blog as a platform to share my style and hopefully inspire others. However, I need to make a living and with blogging that’s impossible without success.

To reach my blogging goals I try to create my own path rather than looking at others for advice. It might not always work out and sure I fail at times but I quickly think of a new plan and get back to work. This mindset of mine is entirely due to the struggles that you've gone through and your willingness to never give up and to prove to yourself and others that you belong where you are. 

There are times when I have no energy and just want to escape my troubles. There are time when I start a project with no creative direction and wonder how I will ever finish. There are times when I think others are better than me. But at every small challenge I say to myself Kobe wouldn’t give up. All I have to do is think about you scoring 81 and think about all the times you've literally willed your team to a victory and it always gets me back on track and keeps me going.

So Kobe I want to say thanks for 20 years of entertaining basketball and thank you for inspiring me in a way that no one else has. 

Your Basketball career is over but your legend lives on

Justin Targia  

PS- 60 Points? Are you kidding me?

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