Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What To Do On A Rainy Spring Day

The saying goes that April showers bring May flowers. Well I certainty hope that’s the case because this April has

seen a lot of rain (at least where I'm at). As a look out the window now I see rain falling and there's no signs of it

stopping any time soon. It can be depressing but I’ve come up with a few things to do when it's raining that have made

my days a little less miserable and will hopefully cheer yours up as well.

Cook A Gourmet Dinner

Eating can make even the worst of moods better. Try cooking something Michelin Star worthy. It doesn’t matter if you're experienced in the kitchen or not. Creating a beautiful and delicious meal is a great feeling. If you need some help thinking of a menu check out my favorite cook book GQ Eats or have a look at BBC Food for some great recipes. 

Go To A Cafe

Ok this is an obvious one. Go to your favorite cafe, order a latte, find a window seat and just relax. There's nothing wrong with a little people watching plus it sure makes the time go by. If you're me you'd bring a computer and get a little work done or you could find a good book and do some reading. 

Walk In The Rain

This one’s not for everything but a walk in the rain can be peaceful as long as there’s not hurricane force wind. Grab a rain coat and and sturdy umbrella and enjoy the clean air that rainfall brings. If you like photography then bring your camera and take some pics. Mother nature can be beautiful. 

Go To A Shopping Mall

Shopping always makes me happy but when the rains falling I hate to be on the streets going from store to store. Luckily we have shopping malls with all the stores under one roof. Malls are starting to die out but if there’s a good one within driving distance then it may be worth going to.

Work Out

If you’ve got a gym membership then don’t let the lousy weather stop you from going. Working out is a great way to get rid of some anger and if your gym has a swimming pool and sauna then you could literally stay there for hours. Oh and if your not already a member of a gym then sign up. Your body will thank you. 

Stay Home

There’s no reason to leave your house. Just stay home and have a “You Day”. Whether that means making new outfits (that’s what I love to do), sitting with a cup tea or doing a face mask, the choice is yours. I can never get enough me time so I like to take advantage or the miserable weather and make it all about relaxing. 

Hope this helps make your rainy spring days a little less sad. Thanks for reading! 

Justin Targia

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  1. Great tips! thanks for sharing!