Friday, May 6, 2016

The Never Ending Camo Trend

Ok Iets all stop calling camo a trend. It’s been here for a few years and it really doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere

anytime soon. I’ve talked about my love for camo before. Whether it’s a full suit, a statement wool blazer or camo shoes 

and even socks I have it all. I’m not always open to wild prints but I’m hooked on camo. So hooked that every time see

a piece I love, I bookmark it. It turns out I’ve bookedmarked a whole lot of pieces and now it’s time to share some of my

favorites with you. Let me know what your favorite piece is and how you'll be rocking camo this summer. Oh and if your

looking for a camo styling post then I'm sorry to disappoint, but it'll be coming soon. Thanks for stopping by!  


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