Friday, June 10, 2016

Short Sleeved Linen Sweater Weather

[Shirt] Zara [Jeans] Maison Margiela [Shoes] Sperry [Watch] Daniel Wellington

I don’t have anything against a plain cotton tee. I actually think they're a great layering piece and look really fresh under a blazer with a pair of sneakers. But a cotton tee on it’s own is just something I can’t pull off. Maybe you can but it’s not for me. With that being said sometimes you need to let your arms soak in the sun and that’s where a short sleeved sweater comes into play. First off I love the texture that knits have and one woven from linen will be extremely breathable and cool. Secondly, knit just look more luxurious. I’m not sure why but when it comes to style points a solid cotton tee can really never beat the more elegantly knitted short sleeved sweater. Wear it with some summer appropriate smart trousers or denim and a pair of loafers and you’re set for the hottest of summer days. I think we can all agree this looks better than a screen printed tee with some baggy cargo shorts. Thanks as always for reading!

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Justin Targia 

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  1. Love your look! So stylish!