Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What's In My Bag [Men's Edition]

The "what’s in my bag” trend has been going on for a few years now so I thought I’d do a mens edition. First off I’d like to answer a question that I get far too often. Why do I always have a bag? Well I use it as an accessory to add a little extra something to my outfits but I’ve also got things I need with me at all times. I think it’s a much better choice to use a bag rather than be bulging at the pockets. Now let’s reveal what's in my bag. 

I don’t use cash very much. I’m the kind of person that will pay even for a 5 dollar coffee with a card but it’s definitely useful to have some cash and coins around for tipping and parking meters. I don’t want to be jingling with change with every step so I add a few coins  to my bag before I leave in the morning just in case they’re needed. 

Cologne and a comb are pretty much essential and every man should have them at all times. You always want to look your best and smell your best. I always check my hair at every mirror I see and by carrying a travel sized cologne with you, you won’t ever have to worry about summer heat. Eyeglasses are of course optional but I like my eyes framed, so when I’m indoors I tend to remove my sunglasses and wear my clear frames instead. 

You might be asking why I keep a watch in my bag but it’s because I’m not always wearing a watch and even on days when I am, I still keep an extra in my bag. Let’s say I’m wearing a brown watch then I’ll keep a black in my bag just in case I need it when I’m styling an outfit. And if I’m not wearing a watch then it’s nice to have one on occasions when I want to take off my jacket and roll up my sleeves. Keeping a few bracelets handy is also a great idea. 

Finally my iPad. I sometimes carry my Macbook around with me but it’s big and heavy and I leave it at home if I can. I use the iPad during the day for everything from checking emails to catching up on my favorite blogs. I decided to leave my phone out of the photos because I’m on it so much that’s its almost always in my hand or in my jackets inside pocket. Anyways thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this fun little post.

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Justin Targia

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