Friday, July 22, 2016

Vintage Printed Tee With Tuxedo Pants

[Shirt] Zara [Tuxedo Pants] The Kooples [Sandals] Jimmy Choo [Sunglasses] Trussardi

I'm finally happy to share with you my most summery outfit so far this year. I stayed true to my classic style with slim fitting pieces but took a more vintage approach with styling. The short sleeved pullover looks like a piece straight out of your local vintage shop. The color and print are bold but not obnoxious and paired with black pants makes it really pop. I know wearing tuxedo pants casually isn’t something you would think of but it easily adds a bit of detail and elegance. Jimmy Choo camo Sandals and a black portfolio finished the look. Thanks for stopping by.

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Justin Targia 

Monday, July 18, 2016

S/S 16 End Of Season Sale Shopping

The middle of July is when summer sales are starting to end and it becomes hard to find things that you want. But if you can find something then chances are it's hugely reduced. Sometimes up to 80% off. These are my go to online stores to shop end of the season sales and some of my favorite items still available. 

Forzieri is one of the better online stores when it comes to accessory shopping. They specialize in shoes and bags so if that’s what your looking for then have a look. Expect discounts between 30 and 50% off and free shipping on orders over $150. Use the code A1B352 to get 20% off your next purchase of $350 or more. 

Everyone knows Zara. They're famous for making fashion forward pieces at affordable prices. With their sale you can get pieces at a steal. I’m talking shoes starting at $19.99 and blazers as low as 49.99. Check back next week as there final sale will kick in with even better discounts. 

Sandro is great for stocking up on basics but they also have some really cool pieces such as this camo sweater that can be picked up on sale now and worn into the winter. They’ve got everything from suits and ties to more casual swim shorts and bombers. Shop many of the remaining items at 50% off with free shipping.

Mango is a brand I go to when I’m looking for reasonably priced suiting in colors other than grey and navy. With free shipping on orders over $49 and many sale items reduced to as much as 70% off it’s definitely worth checking out. 

Très Bien is new to me because I don’t often look to purchase street style pieces but they do have some brands that I love. Maison Margiela and J.W. Anderson are among a few plus you can find some really cool footwear all with high discounts. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why I Wear No Break Pants

A couple of weeks ago an older woman came up to me on the street and said your pants are far too short. That along with all the other times that I see people looking strangely down at my ankle got me thinking that I need to cover this topic. You can look back at probably every outfit that I’ve worn and see that all my pants have no break. That means the pants end before hitting my shoes. I have all my pants tailored this way and almost every other blogger I follow does the same. I don’t copy them but if most menswear professionals are doing it then it can’t be wrong. 

I for one just think it creates a much cleaner look. I like clean and straight lines when it comes to clothes. I truly believe that you don’t need to make your outfits overly creative with loud colors and clashing prints. Well fitted basics can be enough to make you the best dressed no matter where you are. For me well fitted means there is no extra fabric where it is not needed. Would you wear a blazer when the arm length is so long that it touches your thumbs? Definitely not so I don’t see the reason behind having fabric pooling around your shoes. 

I’m not trying to say that wearing half break trousers is a bad thing . If that’s what you like then stick to it but try being open to showing a little ankle sometimes especially during the hotter days of summer. If you're a no break guy like me then next time someone comments on your pants asking ‘if you’re expecting a flood’ just ignore them. Let them wear what they want and you wear what you want.

A full description of all the pants breaks and which one is best for you will be coming soon. Keep in mind this is just an opinion piece and I'm in no way telling you what you need to do. Let me know what you think.

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Summer Time Mac Coat

[Coat] Neill Katter [Shirt] Club Monaco [Jeans] H&M [Tie] Drakes [Shirt & Bag] Zara [Pocket Square] Bottega Venata

Temperatures can get pretty chilly in the evenings. I don’t know about you but I’m always cold. Like seriously other people are wearing shorts and I’m decked out in a suit and still feeling chilly. It’s probably because I’ve been wearing suit jackets so much over that last few summers that my body’s now used to the heat. But anyways sometimes even in the summer you need a light weight coat. I love this tartan mac from Neill Katter. It’s pretty thin but does the job in the nights to keep me warm. I’m wearing it now with jeans but it so versatile. I’ve even worn it over a tuxedo before and thought it worked perfectly. This exact coat will be hard to find but there are plenty of other macs and trench coats out there that could become your new evening go to piece. With end of the season sales finally here just keep yours eyes out and I’m sure you’ll find something that you love. And if you’re saying it's far too hot for a coat then just keep it until fall. You'll really appreciate it then. 

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Justin Targia 

Friday, July 8, 2016

How To Wear A Polo Or Tee With Your Suit

The weather’s hot AF. At least in some places it is. We as men have the natural habit to shed layers when the heat comes. That means striping down to everything but shorts and tee but if you’re reading this then I’m sure you’re not one of those guys. If you’re anything like me then even on those crazy hot days you still put on your Sunday best and hit the streets. Let’s be real all people sweat and there’s no getting around it. There may be linen suits and loafers but if your shirts buttoned up to the neck and a tie knotted tight around you, you’re probably gonna be looking for the closest air conditioned cafe to hide away in. I’ve found that pairing your suit with a solid T-shirt or polo shirt is a great way to stay cool. I hope some of these pics inspire you to try it out. 

So now your sold on the idea and just need to find the perfect polo or tee. Take a look at some of my picks below. Simplicity is always nice but I love some of the retro printed pieces out there as well. Just stay away from all graphic tees and anything you would of worn in high school and you should be fine. Happy Shopping!

Shop All The Pieces

1. [River Island] Navy Crew Neck 2. [Y-3] Cotton Jersey Tee 3. [Topman] Striped Baseball Tee 4. [Orlebar Brown] Open Collar Polo 5. [River Island] Dark Green Ribbed Polo 6. [Topman] Charcoal Polo 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Pinstripe Blazer

[Blazer & Shirt] Zara [Jeans] H&M [Tie & Bag] Bottega Venata [Sunglasses] Trussardi

A pinstripe suit is the ultimate power suit. Go back to the 80’s and 90’s and all men of importance were wearing double breasted pinstripe suits. The pattern is slightly less popular than before only because it can be intimidating when worn in an office setting. I love pinstripes but I'm not some Wallstreet executive so I’ve decided to tame things down a bit with single breasted blazer. A pinstripe blazer is even less common than a full suit but I truly believe it’s a great option. I’m wearing mine with white denim. Yes pinstripes and denim can be pulled off as long as the jeans aren’t distressed and contrast the blazer. As for a tie, I went with dots. A navy pinstripe suit with a white shirt and red tie may be powerful but try stepping out of the box a bit and mix some new patterns and colors. If the blazer is navy pretty much any color tie will match. I finished off with my Bottega Veneta portfolio to add a bit of class and elegance to the look. I hope you guys enjoy and thanks as always for reading. 

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Justin Targia