Friday, July 22, 2016

Vintage Printed Tee With Tuxedo Pants

[Shirt] Zara [Tuxedo Pants] The Kooples [Sandals] Jimmy Choo [Sunglasses] Trussardi

I'm finally happy to share with you my most summery outfit so far this year. I stayed true to my classic style with slim fitting pieces but took a more vintage approach with styling. The short sleeved pullover looks like a piece straight out of your local vintage shop. The color and print are bold but not obnoxious and paired with black pants makes it really pop. I know wearing tuxedo pants casually isn’t something you would think of but it easily adds a bit of detail and elegance. Jimmy Choo camo Sandals and a black portfolio finished the look. Thanks for stopping by.

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Justin Targia 

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  1. love the colors of the pullover, nice sandals too. congrats, ciao Andrea