Friday, November 4, 2016

Green Denim Days

[Blazer & Shoes] Zara [Pants] H&M [Shirt] Club Monaco [Tie] Bottega Veneta [Sunglasses] Glasses Shop 

I’m back and settled into a new apartment and can start pumping out posts like before. These photos were taken a while back when summer weather was starting to die down but I still think this outfit could be worn now. There’s something about green that I’ve been loving lately. You’ll see this in my next post as well. It’s just the perfect fall color. Even though this lighter shade of green is something I find more suitable for warmer months, I think with the right pieces it can look just as good in the fall (probably not winter). When styling anything green I always try to pair it with blues and browns. I never get tired of seeing these colors together and by playing around with prints and textures you’ll never run out of options. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

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Justin Targia

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