Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Tailored Denim Shirt Jacket

[Jacket] H&M [Blazer & Shoes] Zara [Pants] Moschino [Shirt] B.D. Baggies [Tie] Jack Spade 

I’ve talked before about the shirt jacket or as I like to say shacket. It’s a fairly versatile piece that's mostly used in street wear and way too underutilized in tailored looks. I’m a strong believer in trying new layering techniques especially in the fall and winter seasons which is exactly what I’ve done here. I think it’s important to dedicate a little time every morning or evening to experiment with your clothes. I once thought that only a well tailored overcoat should be worn over a suit but now I’ll pretty much layer anything from down vests to cardigans over blazers. If you’re still looking for a denim jacket check out my denim jacket inspiration post that a I made last month. There you’ll find some of my favorite pieces and some different ideas on how to layer them. Hope you enjoy!

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Justin Targia 


  1. You can't never go wrong with the denim! It is one of my most fav items I cannot live without!