Monday, December 5, 2016

Cable Knit Sweater Shopping Guide

Cable knit sweaters aren’t trendy, they aren’t modern and I would never say they are a statement piece yet they always seem to be popular.  In these colder months sweaters become my wardrobe work horse keeping me warm all day long and act as a layering piece that can easily be removed when needed. A cable knit sweater with a knitting stitch that resembles the twist of a cable is an option that I’ve been finding myself in more and more. They’re often in solid colors but because of the added detail they are much more interesting than a basic crew neck. See my favorites below to stock up before winter.

If it’s luxury pieces you’re looking for then look no further. These sweaters, made from the finest cashmeres and wools have a shocking sticker price but they’ll last a lifetime and you’ll feel like a million bucks every time you step out in one.

These may not have designer labels stitched into them but the quality is right up there with those over $500 pieces. Stay with these slightly less expensive options and you’ll get amazing quality at prices you might just be able to afford. 

Want to get the look without going broke? Try out these pieces from Zara. Sure the quality might not match some of the other brands but if you take care of them they’ll definitely last you through the next few winters. 

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