Wednesday, January 4, 2017

E For English Cutaway Collar [Wednesday Menswear Terms]

english cutaway collar (n) - a dress shirt with collar points ending 6 or more inches apart

An English cutaway collar, sometimes simply called a cutaway collar is one of the collar choices that makes the biggest statement. It’s made for those who love to show off their neckwear and looks best on a skinnier face. It should normally be worn with a suit and tie and tends to look sloppy when left unbuttoned. The beauty of this collar is that because of its wide spread it reveals the entirety of your tie knot. I personally always choose a smaller knot when wearing an english spread collar but typically they are meant to be worn with a larger windsor knot. Keep in mind that this might not be the best choice if working in a formal office environment but it’s my favorite collar and I find it to be the most fashionable. 

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