Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Menswear Humor Courtesy Of @croquissartoriaux

"A grey suit? Why should we sell grey suits? What about having a look at some funeral parlor?"

"Firstly, he began going on specialized forum on the Internet, reading blogs... Then he changed the way he dressed and met only people like him. Actually, his friends say they don't recognize him. He only eats pasta (all'arrabiata like in Napoli he says), and strikes a pose 5 times a day in the direction of Florence. Experts consider Maurice (who now wants to be called Maurizio) is a very rare case of sartorial online auto radicalization"

"Sure, falling was painful. But believe me, the pain was nothing in comparison with what I felt when the surgeon began cutting my bespoke jacket's sleeve to operate!"

"And it's only when I was in the subway that I realized the scale of the tragedy: i was wearing brown bluchers with a grey suit!! No way I can come back home, I live since this morning in fear of meeting a friend that would make an ironical comment, or worst, meeting a dapper stranger that would see me, say nothing, but of whom silent disapproval would be the most serious affront"

"Me? Getting my hunting license ? Thanks but no... I'm only here to pay off the purchasing of my tweed sport coats!"

"Sure, with this freezing cold, I could just have closed my coat. But you must admit it would have been such a "pitti" to hide to everybody this wonderful riot of colors, fabrics and patterns made by the multiple layering I had to combine thanks to this above mentioned freezing cold !"

"I don’t care whether it’s rainy or it’s windy; since today, I’m legally allowed to wear my spring outfit !"

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