Friday, May 26, 2017

Tucked In Polo Shirt

[Polo] Alexander McQueen [Pants] Custom [Shoes] G.H. Bass [Bag & Watch] Dappertime 

I’m ending the week with some summer style. I’ve actually been wearing a lot of color lately because warmer days and colorful clothing go hand in hand. Sure I'll continue to wear color but sometimes I feel more comfortable in darker shades and they're easier to style. When I originally put this look together I paired these glen check pants with a black T-shirt. I liked the idea but felt it was just a bit too boring so I ended up switching out the tee for a polo and am much happier with the result. The most important thing to do is to tuck in the shirt. An untucked tee or polo will look sloppy and unstylish but a simple tuck will transform the outfit creating clean lines and will actually make you appear taller. I was going for a city outfit so I went with dark colors but you could wear a colored polo to make it pop even more or go with the classic white pants and blue polo shirt look. It's perfect for any spring or summer day. Thanks for reading!

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Justin Targia

Monday, May 22, 2017

Stylish Glasses For The Computer Addict

I wear eyeglasses not because I need to but because I feel that they add a certain amount of style and elegance to an outfit. That was at least until I discovered Felix Grays and their lenses that filter blue light. If you’re like me then you’re always starring at a computer or phone screen but had no idea the damage it's causing. Electronic screens emit a high energy light called blue light which has been linked to eye strain, macular cellular damage and even sleep cycle disruption. Felix Grays lenses filter blue light preventing damage and making us feel much safer throughout our day. I will admit that I was a bit unsure at first because tech related products aren’t exactly known for being fashionable but I was pleasantly surprised with Felix Grays 15 stylish options such as the Turning in a horn finish that I’m wearing here. They’ve now turned into my favorite pair of glasses and have the added bonus of preventing digital eye strain.

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Felix Grays. 
All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

The All-Season Camo Shirt

[Shirt] Neill Katter [Jeans] Nudie Jeans [T-Shirt] Zara [Belt] Gucci [Sunglasses] Suit Supply 

I’ve worn this camo shirt a few times before, even once last fall paired with a blazer and tie. Camo is always a print that I find myself going back to because I just love the statement that it makes. Some might say it’s out of style which may be true because it really peaked as a trend in 2015 and has since slowly found itself being left out of new collections but with brands such as Valentino still pushing camo I don’t see it falling entirely out of style anytime soon. I don’t know where my inspiration came form for this outfit because it’s definitely not how I normally style myself. I thought with the oversized Gucci belt and white undershirt that it was unintentionally vintage but others said with the white sneakers and slim fit jeans that it is a spot on 2017 look. Most of my looks aren’t inspired by anyone or any specific idea so I guess we’ll just say that it’s me. I'd also love to know what you think about my hanging iPhone case. It's not very useful because most of the time my phone is just in my hand but I think it adds a bit of uniqueness to the outfit that I just love. Thanks for stopping by and have  great week.

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Justin Targia 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Feeling Springy In Pink

[Shirt] Club Monaco [Blazer & Shoes] Zara [Jeans] The Kooples [Watch] Daniel Wellington

I live in a city and this blazer might be meant for lunch in the Maldives but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear it. Actually maybe I shouldn’t wear it especially not with white pants and floral sneakers but it's just too beautiful to leave hanging in the closet. I decided to wear a dark blue shirt with it to add contrast and help tone it down a bit for the city. I finished off with a few wrist accessories and a cool pair of blue tinted sunglasses that really helped bring the whole look together. I know some of you might think a double breasted blazer is a statement on its own and in this bold of a color it’s almost as if I’m screaming for attention but I think when styled simplistically, such in this look, that it’s not that powerful of a statement. I hope you guys like the look and I'd love to know what you think.  

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Justin Targia 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Take Time With Timex This Spring

Style isn’t nearly as complicated in the spring as it is in the fall and winter. In the winter we rely on multiple layers and the mixing of fabrics to add uniqueness to our outfits. In the spring we focus more on single pieces such a stylish blazer or light weight sweater that speaks for themselves. During these warmer months accessories become more and more important. I love my hats, sunglasses and wrist wear because they add style without adding bulk. Watches are of course a must. I almost never leave home without one because apart from their function, they also show that you are a man who cares about the details. 

The people over at Timex came out with some cool new watches that will easily work with anything in your existing wardrobe. The Fairfield Chronograph is a great option for people like me who don't want things too complicated wrapped around their wrist. The awesome thing about Timex is that they have an endless option of straps available. I know many people love the colorful nylon straps that can be color coordinated with their outfit or metals that match their belt buckle or jewelry. If you're interested have a look at some of my favorites below and remember to #TakeTime to make yourself as stylish as can be. 

Available At Timex

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Timex. 
All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.